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We started our search for a contractor to build a house by asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations. The first person we asked simply said, “Well, when it comes to building, Jack Mitchell is the gold standard in town.” By the time we finished asking for recommendations, six more people had similar things to say about Mitchell Construction.

As we watched our house go up we saw quality not just in the finished carpentry but also behind the walls and under the floors. For example, Jack does not use cross braces between the floor joists to keep them from twisting. Instead, he uses a method known as full blocking where a 2 x 10 block is nailed between the joists so there is no chance of them moving or twisting. All bathroom and laundry room walls are insulated for privacy and to contain the noise of running appliances. The roof is completely covered with “Ice and Water Shield” before shingles are applied. These features make the house solid, quiet, and water proof — well protected from the fury of a coastal winter storm.

These are just a few things that automatically come with a Jack Mitchell house and by themselves they might distinguish Mitchell Construction from the competition. However, we think Jack's communication skills give him a huge advantage over his competitors. In addition to a quality home, if you want a detailed contract written in plain English that eliminates surprises, a guy who answers his own phone and email, responds on a timely basis to voice mail and email and is easy to work with then we would recommend Jack Mitchell and his crew above all others.

Greg and Judy

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